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Anything She Wants to Be, She Can – Unscented Body Velvet

Posted on December 28, 2017

Daily Reinvention Is Her Game

Unscented Body Velvet – Sublime Designers, LLC

Some of the most beautiful flowers in the world have no scent at all, but that doesn’t stop us from lingering with them for minutes or hours on end. Objects, blooms, woman … all can be thoroughly entrancing with no scent whatsoever, so why should a woman have to smell any particular way in order to rule the world through which she passes?

Answer: She doesn’t. In fact, the unscented route allows her own natural bouquet to shine through. After all, the natural pheromones emitted by our skin are sometimes the most alluring scent of all, and need nothing more to attract all types. Plus, abstaining from additional smells leaves a blank palate for any woman to become whomever she likes, her inner beauty defining her.

Sky’s the Limit … And Then Some

There are many attitudes to life. Some women work hard, reveling in late nights at the office and three cappuccinos too many by noon. Others want the laid-back beach life, working minimally and tanning maximally. Still others love food, the finer things, lovely clothing and dogs that fit into handbags. Whatever your approach, you’ll find that a high-quality, unscented body butter allows you to become whomever you like.

Our woman might just take all of those approaches … when she feels like it. That’s not to say she’s a chameleon, just that she prizes her ability to shift with the winds and not be tied down by any one person, place, thing or scent. Instead, she uses her simple, unadorned beauty to become the person she most feels like in the moment … and her body velvet helps her do it.

Unscented for Her, Unscented for You

Your skin’s own scents are given pride of place when you wear our rich, lovely Unscented body butter. Specifically designed to let your natural self-shine through, this body velvet is formulated with lavender hydrosols and avocado butter. Our parabens-free butter is perfect for locking moisture into sensitive skin without having to worry about breakouts or rashes.

That’s not to say that unscented lotions have to be Plain Jane. In fact, this au naturel formula does just as much as any scented formula, enhancing your natural beauty with pure moisturizing power and boosting your pheromones’ attractive power by helping your skin shine and your soul sing.

No matter who you are or who you want to be, this body velvet will help you avoid dry skin and feel soft and smooth without standing in the way of your dreams. So bring ‘em on, because with this body velvet by your side, your skin is definitely up to the challenge now. Become the lovely lady of your own story … the sky’s the limit, after all.

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