Body Velvet

Our attitude to life is to have fun, be bold, and own our sassiness. If we had to describe our skincare line in one flavor it would be anything but vanilla. But, if it was vanilla, it would be the top-quality kind (you know, the kind with the little flecks). It would also be outrageously delicious. Now that we mention it, we do have a body butter with vanilla, an edgier not-at-all-plain kind of vanilla with an enviable wild side.

Comes in 8oz and 1.6oz.

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Your body is a temple, the scent of your skin an aphrodisiac. Made with ultra nourishing avocado..
$18.50 - $34.50
Fruity and sweet with a deliciously dark side, Black Widow captures subtle hints of creamy vanil..
$18.50 - $34.50
This sensual body velvet will make your skin look, smell and feel irresistible. The divine light, ..
$18.50 - $34.50
As sweet and unassuming as the name sounds, this body butter doesn’t care what you scored on your Me..
$18.50 - $34.00
This modern twist on the classic scent is not your grandmother’s lavender. The kind ..
$18.50 - $34.50
This body butter is for the go-getters, the kind of people that take care of business before..
$18.50 - $34.50
Some of the most beautiful flowers in the world have no scent at all. Your skin has natural pher..
$18.50 - $34.50
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